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Facts And Application Of Water Based Primers

Posted by Admin on July, 02, 2019

Primer is an undercoat or a preparatory coating, which is put on the surface of the materials before the final painting is done. Priming helps in making adhesion of the paint to the surface much better. It also helps in increasing the durability of the paint, providing extra protection to the surface of the material, which is to be painted.

Primers are usually of two basic types, namely, water-based primer and oil based primer. Water-based ones are usually used for walls, and other such surfaces, whereas the oil-based primer is used in case of metal surfaces.

Composition of Primer:

Well, coming on to the composition of primer, it can be described as a combination of about 20-30% synthetic resin, 60-80% constitutes of a solvent whereas about 2-5% of additive agents. There is some kind of primers which also contain polyethylene or plastics which offer better durable life to the primer.

What Is A Primer?

Primer is a paint kind of a product which enables the finishing paints to stick to the surface in a better manner. It provides a base to which the overlying paint can adhere itself. The primers are specially designed to stick to the surface and for a perfect binding layer which can receive the paint and keep it fixed.

These primers do not require to be engineered so that it can form a durable and smooth finish. So for that reason, apart from an application regularly, primers are also used for filling and binding with the material surface.

Uses of Primer:

As per the Water Based Primer Supplier in Gujarat, water-based primers can only be used on a material surface which is not resistant to water. Primers are usually used for painting various types of surfaces of porous materials like concrete and wood.

Apart from these, another thing which needs to be kept in mind while priming a surface is that it is compulsory is their surface is not resistant to water else without a later of Primer, the elements will get exposed. Primers work magic on the wall surface and also play a significant role in preventing the growth of mould.

They can also be used on dirty surfaces before final painting if the surface is too dirty to be cleaned. It is also widely used to allow painting of light colours over dark shades with facing the issue of colours overlapping.

There are some people, who while getting the primer done, tint it with a colour shade common to the final paint. This helps in reducing the number of layers of painting which should be done for good uniformity. Moreover, primers are also widely used for hiding joints and providing a smooth finished look.

How To Use A Primer?

There are several Wholesale Water Based Primer in Gujarat who sell quality primers. Well, before priming, the surface needs to wiped and cleaned to remove grease and dirt after which a later of primer is applied thoroughly.

Once the first layer of primer dries, another layer of primer is applied to all the cracks and holes to provide a smooth surface to the wall. Next, the surface should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 36 hours after which the final paint can be done.

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